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Seeing is Believing

How do we know God is real? Rationally, we look for proof, but faith isn’t about proof. Judy the elf from the first Santa Clause movie says “Believing isn’t seeing. Seeing is believing.” We see God in the night sky, in our church family, in scripture, in everyday moments of healing and grace. We see God and we believe. That is how we know God is real.

As we reflect on the last year, where have you seen God in 2020? I encourage you to take time and name the experiences and moments, sights and sounds, of 2020 that made God real for you. And, as we move into a new year, look for God’s guiding stars that will lead you in 2021. What light is kindling inside you? What commitment are you making to follow Jesus in this new year? What resolution will help you keep that commitment and follow that star?

On Sunday we will celebrate Epiphany, the day the Kings arrived at the manger after following the star. (Epiphany is actually Jan 6th.) The kings followed that star for a long time before they arrived in Bethlehem. They saw the star - a visual ID of the divine presence - and went to see the real God with their own eyes. Because seeing is believing.

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